galactic university

a division of galactic central

providing final studies ...
for the certification of all galactic personnel

and ... for the general education to all galactic citizens to becoming a homo sapiens ... to be a guardian of this universe !
not to being a pest ....

the condition on this planet is so gruesome > every human will be tormented to his death before he is one year old ! in fact traumatized > so he will never be able to really see reality as is ... will then be trying to become a success story in the eye of his environment > but ofcource being a total failure if considering the ultimate law of creation ! >>> to using creation only as designed by creation <<< so ... becoming a criminal for life ! because what ever honorable he will be trying to do will not being accepted by this planet of satan ! thereby ... any thing criminal > damaging the environment damaging humans ... beyond repair >>> will being cherished by those masses of insanity ! because those will only being enticed when seeing a catastrophe ... because they are trapped as well by their illness ... of being a product of this gruel environment !

everything therefore nothing >>> real ...
only this mirage > of sparkle !

with which they then squander one world after the other
in a few hundred years

they could be lasting xxxx million years > with all humane life !
not have to be sick competitively > mentally disturbed in character
if not physical ill ... zombies of their traumatizing !

and this knowledge we have to bring forward
not how to make a career to annihilate > everything ...
and still be stupid enough >>>

not to even notice !

in contrast ... conditions in any society on any planet in any galaxy under our domain are so heavenly > no one would ever be breaking any law ! would never be breaking any thing > let alone breaking humans > considering no evil ... ever ! because we are the guardians of this universe ... being the guardians of creation ! you may well be having the aspiration of wanting to be doing no damage ! of being the guardian of creation ... but just look at your doings > your drinking > your eating > damaging your health ! climate control of your buildings > your traveling > wasting your energies > resources > looking for no real solutions ... all evil !

most of all > nobody should be working more then 4 hours a day on his profession
then to grow and harvest what he will be eating a few hours every day
and then helping to cook meals !

otherwise you will be losing your reference to rest of the universe !

and never bake or fry any thing > boil eggs and meat at under 200 f
and when needed only ... up to boiling temperature .....
and make it all as short a cooking as possible
meaning everything as small as possible >

or to many vitally needed vitamins are destroyed ! galactic design

the principle of star peace

the meaning of life of a human > is to work out a decent way of life
realize it > live it  > guarantee it for all !

because only then .... he is a human being !

and therefore there is no meaning here on this world !
as there is no human order

because humans only want to live decently > can be > must be ....!
otherwise they will be dissatisfied >until they can live as humans !

so to achieve this > the meaning in life of each person ....
is to make just this happen

until then ... they feel like losers > indeed they are .... in reality!
only by their conceit procurement > this is represented as a success >

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